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Aug 20, 2006
It's a copy, so sue me :3

I used to be a pretty good liar too, its a shame how my skills have fallen.

5 annoying questions asked in a relationship:

"How many relationships have you been in before?"

almost felt like Ross from friends on this one

"Whatcha thinking of?"

always have a back up answer on that, always.

"Would you still be my boyfriend if i (insert dump hypothetic situation here) ?"

This one is pretty funny,

"Would you still be my boyfriend if I had no arms?"
"That's unfair! I would still be your girlfriend if you lost both your arms"
"Not true, you would grow sick of me after a week, maybe two tops, and then dump me for a guy with arms."
Fight ensues.

"Do you think I'm fat?"

Ive been lucky enough never to get this one :3, just don't go out with fat girls (even though they need love too)

"Do you think that girl is hotter than me?" 

What I usually do here is I pretend I don't hear the question until the girl is gone. If its someone sitting on the next table or something, just pretend you don't know who's she's talking about. Works wonders.

Posted at 11:40 pm by cross


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