Entry: 5 Things I noticed on seeing the new Starwars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith DVD: Nov 4, 2005


1. Why is there a landing strip on Curoscant for Anakin to crash General Grievous' Ship onto? I've never seen one ship that required a "strip" to land on in the entire Starwars universe.

2. That scene where Anakin is chilling out by himself in the council chamber after Mace goes off to arrest Senator Palpatine and Padme is anxiously pacing her appartment - looks like its from some other (ostensibly 'good') film. The cuts between the two lovers and the stretches of city in dusklight betwixt, Anakin's anguish and Padme's distress, all set to the chilling (and also outstanding) theme, give this scene a resonance all its own. Which stands out more because it isn't just another scene or dialogue sequence from one of the original trilogy, inserted or parodied in the Newer film.

3. Obiwan and Anakin really didn't get much practice in the years between the prequels and the original trilogy. By the time A New Hope comes around - they are less than shadows of their former lightsabre dueling selves.

4. The inside of Bail Organa's star freighter (The Tantive IV) - kitschy, 70's "modernist" chic, shiney plastic curves and modular utility styling. It looks like a thirty year old vision of thirty years in the future - and it might be completely off, but damned if it aint cooler than anything we have now (except for the Power Mac).

5. Lucas has outdone himself with the audio set up of ROTS. There's a scene where Anakin and Palpatine are talking in Palpatine's chambers and they turn away from the camera and the sound actually sounds like it's reverberating off the rear wall. It's harder to hear them - but that's realism for you. I'm using standard 5.1 surround - and it is the most noticably cool effect I've heard in quite some time.


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